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Meet our Board of Directors

Our board of directors is comprised of individuals who have distinguished themselves in the films industry and engineering



Shabde is a co-founder of Coatall. Before starting Coatall, Shabde served as the Co-founder and Director of SJS Plastiblends polymer compounding company. He led the initial development of BOPET technology in India and directed technical activities of leading BOPET manufacturers. He has devoted more than 40 years to the industry with his technical and entrepreneurial expertise



Shashwat is a co-founder of Coatall. Before starting Coatall, Shashwat worked actively in the Thermal industry. He is a well-known veteran of the industry & one of the key members of the team that invented and introduced Thermal Lamination Films. He has utilized his extensive experience and leading-edge technical knowledge of the thermal lamination industry to help leading companies to grow their businesses by many folds.



Cagla is co-founder of Coatall. Before joining Coatall, Cagla served as the chief film technology consultant at Thomas Frank Associates, TFA. She led global marketing and film development projects for top BOPP Film manufacturers. At TFA she also led technology projects at OEMs and global consumer goods companies. Prior to TFA, Cagla served in various Technical, Marketing and Strategy positions at ExxonMobil Films in the US and EU



Tom is a co-founder of Coatall. Before joining Coatall, Tom founded and served as the President of TFA consulting firm which provides services in Engineering, Supply Chain, Operations and Innovation projects for the Films Industry. Prior to TFA, Tom developed, implemented and managed European Logistics Operations for Bausch & Lomb. At Mobil Plastics, he led engineering and business expansion projects in PE, PS and OPS



Before joining Coatall, Neha worked as Manager of Analytics at Cardinal Health in Houston, Texas. She has nearly a decade of experience working in supply chain and business analytics. She holds an MBA in Supply Chain and Finance from University of Tennessee, USA and an MS in Operations Management from University of Pune. Neha is a member of the leadership team and a director of Coatall.



Before joining Coatall, Vikram worked as Principal Engineer in process control & automation at Celanese Chemical Company in Houston, Texas. He has more than 16 years of professional work experience in the USA. Previously, Vikram was at Alstom Power where he did research on optimization of electricity generation and pollution control processes. Vikram holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Texas Tech University. He is a member of the leadership team and a director of Coatall.



Gauri is a co-founder of Coatall. She has provided critical advisory function throughout the initiation and startup of Coatall project. Currently she is an active member of “SAKAR” an NGO for adoption. Gauri holds a MS degree in Home Management. Over her career, Gauri has supported new business development through her partnership with S.V. Shabde on numerous new startup businesses. She brings strength in administrative and strategic business functions. As a board member, she will continue in her advisory role