We provide the specialty films to achieve the most radiant and alluring graphics for your thermal lamination and labelling projects. Our portfolio of advanced BOPP and BOPET films help empower graphic artists to rethink what’s possible in performance and graphic design.

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Thermal Films

Learn about Coatall’s broad portfolio of BOPP and BOPET specialty films for thermal laminations. Select from a broad range of technological options to achieve outstanding texture, tactility, color, adhesion and printability.


Wet Lamination Films

Discover thin films technology choices from durability and scratch resistance to high performance in printability and post lamination finishing options. Wet Lamination range delivers the outstanding definition to graphic arts.


Insulation Films

Learn about our BOPP metallized films designed for reflective insulation and radiant barriers used in attic and house insulation.Our films are designed for lamination with PE and PS foam or bubble sheets and polyolefin-based structures.


Pressure Sensitive Labels

Discover why our broad portfolio is just the beginning. Learn how our functional Coatings can provide outstanding printability, texture, color and alluring graphics for all pressure sensitive labelling applications.