BOPP Gloss and Textured

  • Thermal Lamination Films


RADIANTā„¢TPG class of glossy BOPP films are designed to provide the highest quality premium images. Using our breakthrough, ultra-high bond technology, the films deliver superior bond strength against offset and digitally printed paperboards. With a range of surface sheens and toughness options and as well as outstanding performance in one and two-sided laminations, this range is becoming the films of choice in the industry.

  • RADIANT TPG 100 series of films are suitable for offset printed paperboards in variety of applications.
  • RADIANT 120 is an acrylic top coated film for glueable, printable and stampable applications.
  • RADIANT TPG 150 series is topcoated film printable with a range of digital print processes using HP Indigo and dry toner inks. Adhesive is designed for offset and UV Offset printed media.
  • RADIANT TPG 300 features our unique ultra-high bond adhesive technology for lamination with digitally printed media.
All RADIANT gloss films offer excellent anti-static behavior and are suitable for one-side and two-side laminations.

Select from the following Product Data Sheets:

Film Feature Series Download
RADIANT High gloss and clarity TPG 100-AA1
RADIANT Acrylic coated, glueable, stampable, printable (GSP) TPG 120-AA1
RADIANT DIGI Topcoated for printability with digital toner inks TPG 150-AA1
RADIANT DIGI Excellent adhesion to digitally printed media, including toners with high fuser oils TPG 300-AA1


Create three-dimensional print effects with our textured lamination films. Choose Linen or Golden Sand to create extra layers, depth and character to print designs. Both films provide outstanding lamination strength with offset printed paperboard.

Textured lamination films are suitable for use in a wide range of applications such as business cards, striking print posters, elegant menus, cards, photo album over lamination, premium boxes and book covers.

  • RADIANT LINEN TPG 100-EL1 has a subtle embossed, crosshatch-textured matte finish that resembles woven linen fabric. Raised linen weave is noticeable at a glance and provides depth to touch.
  • RADIANT LINEN TPG 100-EC1 is an embossed film to provide a coarser feel of natural linen fabrics. Crosshatch texture is more pronounced than TPG-EL1 finer linen film.
  • RADIANT SAND TPG 100-ES1 is under development. This BOPP film is designed to add intensity and structure to create outstanding art work. The film surface provides a uniformly gritty and rough feel. It is ideal for art posters, marketing display signs, premium boxes and specialty bags.

Select from the following Product Data Sheets:

Film Feature Series Download
RADIANT LINEN Embossed linen texture TPG 100-EL1
RADIANT LINEN Embossed coarse linen weave texture TPG 100-EC1
RADIANT SAND Embossed sandy texture TPG 100-ES1