BOPP Matte

  • Thermal Lamination Films


Coatall’s ALLURE series of matte BOPP films introduce new possibilities for premium print finishes. Offering strong lamination bonds, scuff-resistance, softness and outstanding compatibility with a wide array of finishing processes, they enable customers to elevate their brands.

With a range of surface tactility and print finishing options, this range of films are setting a new standard of performance in one-side and two-side laminations.

    • TPM 200 series provide a smooth and uniform matte surface. The films are designed to provide high lamination bond strength and excellent anti-static performance.
    • TPM 240 is a new scuff resistant, Glueable/Stampable matte film. Its high energy matte surface provides constant surface energy and outstanding receptivity to UV varnishes, hot and cold foil stamping as well as digital finishing processes.
    • TPM 300 is designed for digitally printed media, including dry toner inks with high concentrations of fuser oils. This film features our ultra-high-bond adhesive technology and provides superb adhesion to Xerox, Konica Minoltaand Xeikon printed media.
  • SILK ALLURE TPM 400 Series is designed to provide silken matte finish. Specially formulated adhesive provides strong bonds to offset printed media.
  • SOFT ALLURE TPM 600 offers a new benchmark for softness and smudge-resistant performance. The soft matte surface is scratch resistant and designed to accept glues, UV spot coatings, Hot foil stamping and water-based coatings. The matte surface is also compatible with digital finishing operations.
  • SOFT ALLURE DIGI TPM 600 provides a combination of outstandingly soft and scratch resistance matte layer with a special adhesive designed to provide strong lamination bonding to digitally printed media.

Select from the following Product Data Sheets:

Film Feature Series Download
MATTE ALLURE Excellent uniform matte appearance TPM 200-AA1
MATTE ALLURE Scuff-free matte film TPM 240-AA1
MATTE ALLURE DIGI Excellent adhesion to digitally printed media TPM 300-AA1
SILK ALLURE Smooth, silky matte surface TPM 400-AA1
SOFT ALLURE Ultra-soft premium matte film, with excellent soft tactility TPM 600-AA1
SOFT ALLURE DIGI Ultra-soft matte film, adhesive designed for digitally printed media TPM 700-AA1