Wet Lamination

  • Product Overview - BOPP Films


Coatall Films portfolio of wet lamination films include glossy and matte BOPP films. These print finish films are two-side treated and are designed to provide high bonding strength with water-based, solvent-based, UV or hot-melt adhesives. They have excellent anti-static properties for robust web handling and processing.


  • RADIANT WPG 100 is a treated high gloss film with excellent static control
  • RADIANT WPG 120 has an acrylic coated, high energy surface intended for glueable, stampable and printable applications.


  • MATTE ALLURE WPM 200 is a two-side treated matte film with a smooth, uniform matte surface. The film provides good anti-static control.
  • MATTE ALLURE WPM is a scratch resistant Glueable, Stampable coated premium matte film for demanding applications. The matte surface is designed to accept UV spot coatings, Hot and Cold foil stamping, digital enhancement finishes and water-based and laser inks without a primer.
  • SILK ALLURE WPM 400 is a two-side treated matte film with silky, alluring tactility.
  • SOFT ALLURE WPM 600 is a premium coated film with an outstanding soft feel. Soft matte surface offers grease and smudge resistance. It is scratch resistant and can be processed with UV spot coatings, foil stamping and digital finishes. The matte surface is printable with digital processes using HP Indigo or dry toner inks.

Select from the following Product Data Sheets:

Film Feature Series Download
RADIANT High clarity and gloss, excellent mechanical properties WPG 100-AA1
RADIANT Acrylic coated high surface energy for GSP applications WPG 120-AA1
MATTE ALLURE Matte film with uniform, smooth appearance WPM 200-AA1
MATTE ALLURE Scuff-resistant matte film, suitable for most finishing processes WPM 240-AA1
SILK ALLURE Silky matte film with excellent optics & anti-static properties WPM 400-AA1
SOFT ALLURE Soft feel matte film, suitable for most finishing processes WPM 600-AA1